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Spinwit is a Private Consulting & Partnership group managed by Craig Ball. The name Spinwit originated when our casino operations and data analytics backgrounds proved to be an effective combination when guiding our business ventures. Taking chances with new ventures is best accomplished with the finest possible data analysis.

SPINWIT = Taking Chances with Intelligence

Spinwit provides companies and individuals with start-up or pivot plan development, venture investment, and operational guidance in a partnership or advisory role.

The business world is changing fast. You had better be moving in the right direction or you will be left behind. Use Spinwit's considerable experience integrating technology as you take on new projects or contemplate strategic variations in direction. We advise and partner with businesses to embrace the dynamic shifts in the latest business practices while training your team to take advantage of technology. Spinwit helps enterprises stay relevant in today's modern business environment.

Craig Ball - Capitalist

In the early 1990s, after investing in real estate in the town of Black Hawk, Colorado, Craig became a participant and investor in the campaign to legalize gambling in the old mining towns of Central City, Black Hawk, and Cripple Creek. The successful election in November of 1990 opened the door to use his real estate investments to develop and operate casinos in the newly formed gaming district. Craig became the youngest casino owner in the state in 1991 and obtained his first operational gaming license at the age of 26.

Craig Ball uses his many years of casino ownership experience to pull back the curtains on powerful casino operation techniques any business can use to profit.