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Introduction to Bitcoin

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What you learn first about bitcoin

Learn about Bitcoin


Satoshi Nakamoto's original white paper: Published in 2008, this document outlines what bitcoin is and how it will change the world. (The first Bitcoin block was mined on January 3rd, 2009) Notice how the first bitcoiner uses the word "attack" and "trust" 40 times in this paper. Satoshi knew central bankers would fight to keep power, and bitcoin is designed to withstand attacks and stand as a trusted decentralized system for the rest of us. No government or big bank has ever stopped bitcoin, and they never will. 

Bitcoin is Time: This bitcoin post describes how the blockchain is a perfect way for the universe to keep time. With a universal timekeeping system, you have an incorruptible way of keeping track of transactions. A "trusted" federal reserve is taken out of the loop. Once you start to understand this concept of time, you begin an exciting bitcoin journey. (Audio included in the post)

A letter to all of you who still have no bitcoin: This bitcoin post has information about why we need to make a break from central bankers and government-controlled monetary systems. It has been shown by those in power that they can not be trusted with the power to print money. We have to make a stand against greed and the tyranny that comes along with the people clinging to control. Bitcoin gives us all way to opt out of this corrupt system. (Audio included in the post)


The Bitcoin Standard: The Bible of Bitcoin. After reading this book, you will know more about what is coming and how bitcoin fits into the future. Bitcoin is the end of wars and the first chance for the people to own and save money without the constant barrage of debasement from money printing. 

Broken Money:  Lyn Alden's 'Broken Money' is a compelling exploration of the flaws in our modern financial systems and how Bitcoin could potentially rectify these issues. Alden expertly breaks down complex economic principles to demonstrate how decentralized digital currencies, particularly Bitcoin, offer a viable alternative to traditional financial systems plagued by inflation and regulatory uncertainties. This book is perfect for anyone looking to understand the future of money and the role that emerging technologies like Bitcoin could play in creating more stable and equitable economic structures.

Everything Divided by 21 Million: This is a fairly new book but has a futuristic view of what would happen if the world's value was divided by the finite bitcoin supply of 21 Million Bitcoins.  Chapter two's description of how bitcoin was "discovered" and not invented and how bitcoin will be placed on the periodic table one day as a new element is worth the purchase of this book. 

The Fiat Standard: If you want to know why the quality of our food, buildings, health care, and environment has deteriorated over the last 100 years, this book tells that story.  This is a must-read for every new bitcoiner. 

The Creature from Jekyll Island: This is a long book and will make anyone outside the financial industry sick. This book tells the story of how the federal reserve was formed and how bankers use this power to corrupt and pull money from the system. You will be horrified by what they have done with our money, and you will never be the same after gaining this knowledge. Nobody has ever read this book and denied bitcoin's necessity. These bankers are sinister and have killed many to keep power. Central Bankers need to be stopped. 


6 Mins: Here in the west, we don't think about the government confiscating our money when we disagree with those in power. Bitcoin will be the money of the future because governments can't take it and can't print more. 

21 Mins: Micheal Saylor is Executive Chairman of MicroStrategy and Bitcoins loudest champion. His company has 130,000 Bitcoins on the balance sheet. 

2 Hours 12 Mins: This is a long-form interview about how Bitcoin adoption will save the world from war and those that profit from it. This video is long, well worth the time if you want to dig deeper into why bitcoin is good for the planet. 

45 Mins: Jack Mallers is the founder of the Strike App and talks about bitcoin with passion and conviction. This is one of my favorite Bitcoin interviews.