Fundraising for CEOs, Startups and Nonprofits

Why Spinwit?

Spinwit's fundraising operations are directed by Craig Ball. The name Spinwit originated when our casino operations and data analytics backgrounds proved to be an effective combination when raising funds for ventures or causes.

SPINWIT = Gambling Intelligence

The business and nonprofit worlds are changing fast. You had better be moving in the right direction or you will be left behind. Use Spinwit's considerable experience integrating technology to raise money for your venture or cause. We help CEOs, Startups and Nonprofits embrace the dynamic shifts in strategy necessary to find additional sources of contribution and endowment.

Spinwit helps enterprises stay relevant in today's modern fundraising environment

Use Spinwit Fundraising Services To:

-Save Money by making your next funding project easy

-Make Money by adding a new stream of funds

-Save Time by allowing someone else to handle the details

-Avoid the pain of asking people for money